The Platanos Trust is an ambitious and growing organisation with a host of opportunities across the trust.  We are a successful organisation where expertise and outstanding practice is shared across our member academies to ensure the highest standards. Both teaching and non-teaching posts are available across the trust and we welcome all ambitious individuals who are interested in working with us.


Recruitment Prospectus

Click here for a copy of our recruitment prospectus to find out more about working for the Platanos Trust.


Why join the Platanos Trust?

Whether you are an experienced professional or just starting out in your career, our schools form a friendly and collaborative network where everyone is supported.


The benefits of joining the Platanos Trust...


We offer exceptional training and development through our Platanos Development Programme as well as external coaching and development for every stage of your career.

  • We have experienced mentors and coaches that support new members of staff every step of the way.
  • Our subsidised trainee leadership opportunities and external courses (facilitated by the Institute of Education / UCL for example) are also available for our more experienced members of staff.


Being part of the Platanos Trust means that there are a host of opportunities to work across the organisation in a supportive and structured environment.

Our close network and trainee/associate leadership programmes mean that accelerated pathways and promotion opportunities are available to those with ambitions to:

  • Specialise in an area of expertise;
  • Move into management.


We offer discretionary benefits and support to employees depending on performance, responsibilities and role. These include:

  • Vouchers and other wellbeing support;
  • Resources and equipment where applicable;
  • Pension schemes for both applicable teaching and non-teaching staff which are the most competitive nationally.