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Fuellers’ Academic Lecture Series:  Reducing Energy Demand | Visiting Speaker: Mr Martin Fry

On Monday 20th January, our Year 10 Academic Leaders attended a visiting lecture delivered by Martin Fry, lecturer at the City of London University and energy consultant.

Given the vitally topical issue of energy usage and its impact on our carbon footprint, this was an important and thought-provoking talk. With the UK aiming to be carbon neutral by 2050, Mr Fry gave an overview of energy usage and the progress made to date, the work of civil, mechanical and electrical engineers in changing the habits of major energy companies, private businesses and energy usage from individuals and, according to Mr Fry, starting to see the levels of carbon emissions even out. What was made clear to our pupils was that it is their generation that will be the ones who will need to continue to drive the change in order to save our planet.

Mr Fry discussed engineering and its relationship to energy, growing public awareness, changes over time, future presenting challenges and other issues linked to reducing energy demand.

Pupils had some thought-provoking and insightful questions for Mr Fry, particularly surrounding the aims of the energy providers, the potential of a decentralised energy grid and the roles of engineers.  The engaging session was a wonderful forum for a fascinating debate and an exchange of ideas.